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PVES series is portable pure sine wave inverter-controller, transforming 12VDC or 24VDC into 220VAC, also providing 12VDC or 24VDC, and 5VDC USB at the same time. This series include 300W, 600W, 800W and 1000W. The system can supply power for both DC and AC electric application such as electric fan, lighting lamps, television, portable computer, etc



Provide DC and AC outputs

Built-in solar chargers

Pure sine wave

Portable, plug and play installation

USB port available for mobile devices

Output short-circuit protection

Over charged protection

Over discharged protection

Over load protection

Over-temperature protection

PV reverse polarity protection



Operating Voltage : 12V

Max PV Voltage (Voc) : 25V

Rated charging Current (PWM) : 10A

Self-consumption : <9mA

DC output & Application : USB5V2A 

DC output & Application : DC12V 2A*4

Output Wave : PureSine 

Input Voltage : 10.5V - 16V

Output Voltage : 220VAC

Output Frequency : 50Hz ± 2Hz/ 60Hz ± 2Hz

Rated Output Power : 300W

Surge Capacity : 600VA

Efficiency : >85%

Under voltage warning : 11V

Low Voltage Shut off : 10.5V

High Voltage Shut off : 16V

Over-charged protection voltage : 14.4V

Working temp. : 0T - +45T

Working temp. : When the temperature up to 45t , the fan start working.

Net Weight : 5.5Kg

Standard : CE Certificate

Portable Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter-Controller System PVES 300W

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